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Colour Palette.

Install up to 3 colours or colourCV's and create your own sonic palette.

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colour palette

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Designed to deliver the DIYRE Colour platform to Eurorack modular systems, the Colour Palette by itself consists of three high-quality VCA's with serial and parallel routing options.

You may host up to three Colour or ColourCV submodules – low cost, ultra compact, DIY friendly circuits that provide a wide range of functions including saturation, filtering, delay, and many others.

- Colour Palette Bundle $329

*includes Woof & Tweet colourCV's

- Colour Palette $279


Sets the initial level for each of the three VCA’s. These levels are increased by positive (unipolar) voltage at the corresponding VCA CV Input jack, typically from an envelope generator. The VCA level may influence the effect of installed Colours or ColourCV’s.


Allows control over specific parameters on installed ColourCV sub-modules. This control level is modified by negative or positive (bipolar) voltage at the corresponding CV input jack, typically from an LFO or Sequencer.


For each channel, signals pass through a VCA before being processed by an installed Colour circuit. The three channels can also be normalled in series with output 1 normalled to input 2, and output 2 normalled to input 3; or in parallel, with input 1 normalled to input 2 and 3. (behavior selectable via internal switch)


Provides a single output with the outputs of the three VCA’s mixed (summed) together. Patching a VCA output may remove it from the SUM output (behavior selectable via internal switch)

If you're feeling creative we’ve got you covered! Since the Colour Palette is an open-source format, you can freely share and sell your ColourCV ideas!

By using our pre-made, diy ColourCV Prototype PCB Kit and following our easy to use Designer’s Toolkit, you can bring your creations to life!




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Black Market Modular has a host of ColourCV's and accessories to get you started on your own Colour Palette creation.


ColourCV Low-Pass Filter

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ColourCV High-Pass Filter

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500 Series Module Adapter

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Prototype PCB Kit$4.99

Create your own ColourCV

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In order to ensure that your ColourCV plays nicely with others, design your ColourCV to the following electrical specifications:

  • Gain: 1 (0db) / or if doing a distortion, gain can be greater than 1
  • Input Impedance: >10kΩ
  • Output Impedance: <=1kΩ
  • Power Consumption: 50ma
  • Supply Voltage: +-12V
  • DC Offset: <=20mv
  • Nominal Operating Level: +4dBu / 3.47 Vpp
  • Control Voltage: -5V to +5V nominal (CTRL knob range)

Your ColourCV's PCB should be made from standard, 1/16" (1.6mm) thickness, rigid FR4. For aesthetic continuity, we recommend Ø.125" (3.2mm) beveled corners, but they are not necessary.

  • Width: 3" (76.2mm)
  • Height: 1.4" (35.6mm)
  • Clearance Below PCB: 0.1” (2.54mm) minimum
  • Clearance Above PCB: 0.58” (14.7mm) max for compatibility with 500 Series Palette
  • Mounting Hole Size: ∅.125" (3.2mm)
  • Mounting Hole Keep-out Clearance: ∅0.289 (7.4mm)

ColourCV mates with the eurorack Colour Palette via a 14 pin connector. *NOTE original studio Colours will connect directly to a studio Colour Palette, however ColourCV boards must use the optional ColourADPTR adaptor board to mate with the studio Colour Palette.

  1. Audio In
  2. Ground
  3. Audio Out
  4. Red LED
  5. Green LED
  6. Blue LED
  7. 16V+
  8. 16V-
  9. CTRL A
  10. CTRL B
  11. CTRL C
  12. CTRL D
  13. 12V+
  14. 12V-

ColourCV’s mount to the Palette via five connectors - four mechanical and one electrical.

ColourCV’s are mechanically secured to the Palette via four nylon standoffs. These standoffs are available in 9 lengths ("A" in the connector drawing), allowing you to customize your ColourCV's mounting height from the Palette. The nylon standoffs are locking on one end and removable, press-fit on the other.

If you are selling your ColourCV, you must include the mechanical and electrical connectors in your kit or assembled unit. Both the mechanical and electrical connectors are standard off-the-shelf components available worldwide. Please download the Designer’s Toolkit PDF for information on sourcing connectors.

Your ColourCV will be identified on the front panel by an RGB LED. In order to set the colour of the LED, you must include the red, green, and blue LED current setting resistors in your ColourCV PCB.

You feed one side of the resistors with V+ and return the other side to their respective pins on the 14-pin connector. See the ColourCV prototyping board below for an example. Connecting these resistors to the two pins in each box marked “R, G, B” will easily let you define your colour. Rough values should be 20k to 300k.

We've partnered with some amazing 3rd party colour developers to bring even more sonic possibilities to the Colour Palette!

Check out our current line of partners and come back often - we're always adding more!!!


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Black Market Modular's unpowered roadcase is designed for use with the TipTop Audio “Happy Ending Kit” (or any 84hp/rack ears combination).

Features recessed latches, a spring-loaded handle, and enough room to leave standard cables patched in when the lid is attached for transport

Available in: 3U - 6U - 9U

*HEK and modules not included. duh.

cables + mults

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Our low-cost, high-quality 3.5mm (1/8″) patch cables are perfect for patching modular synths and other electronic instruments.

These cables are packaged in a coil so they do not arrive with permanent kinks. They are stiff but not overly rigid and feature lower-profile ends and slim cabling for comfortable patching.

Available in a variety of popular sizes and unique colors! Grab a pack of 5 cables today!


Monomults are passive 1x5 spliter hubs available in red, white, black, blue, green and violet.

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